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Hey Girl, 

Thank you for your interest in my upcoming challenge to lose 50lbs. This will be a 15 week challenge bringing us all the way to New Years Eve Night... where you will be able to show off all your hard work in a new dress or outfit. 

I will be your support system to make sure you are working out each day and eating properly. I will be creating a meal plan that you can adapt to how you like to eat. Meaning... if you don't like seafood or if you're allergic, then you don't have to eat that. My whole goal is to find what works best for YOU and adapt the plan to your lifestyle. This is what will guarantee that you actually stick to the plan. This is how I created my own weight loss success story because I was tired of hearing I had to eat just chicken and vegetables to lose weight because I'll be real with you, that wasn't happening. haha!  

You will get your personalized macros done for you to count if you wish to. I will get your information once you've entered the challenge. You will get entry into a private Facebook Group that I will be in daily. Also going LIVE I there to give you weekly tips and challenges. 

Since I'm personally doing everyone's macros and answering questions and modifying if necessary, 
spaces are limited to enter this challenge.  I want to see you all at your best and by limiting the number of spots that's how I can pretty much guarantee success. 

So if you know for sure you want to lose 50 lbs. then take the plunge!

You can do this!!  

Here are some inspiring ladies from my previous 50 lbs. Challenge. This group had to lose 50lbs in 12 weeks. This WILL BE YOU!! We will have 15 Weeks though. Some of you will hit your goals sooner than 15 weeks and that's perfect!! 

90 lbs. Lost!!

List of things you will learn...

- How to Meal Prep
- Daily Workouts 

- How to Figure your own personal Macros so you can always adjust. 

- What are Macros and IIFYM
- What is Intermittent Fasting
- What is Carb Cycling 
- What is Keto Diet 
- How to put it all together... IIFYM, Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling and Keto
- Choosing what nutrition path is best for you and your body. 

- Mental Motivation 

- Creating Self-Love 

- How to overcome Emotional Eating

- Learn when you're hungry or just stress eating

- Weekly LIVE Facebook videos where you can learn even more and have live Q&A

- Personalized help with whatever your needs are.

- You'll have a community of like minded women all working on being their best self

- Tons of recipes 
- Boozy Drinks while losing weight. Can you actually drink alcohol and still lose weight?
- Desserts while losing weight. 
- Getting through Holiday Parties and still lose weight 

- Accountability to get your workouts completed each day

- Creating a Vision Board- Tons of girly stuff like Make-Up, Self Tanner & Best Teeth Whitening Kits
- Best Online Shops for your new outfit. 
- To be able to wear a swimming suit or bikini for the first time.
- To be able to wear shorts in public without being self conscious. 
- To be able to wear cute tank tops without thinking about your arms. 
- To get rid of that damn cellulite!! 
- Private Facebook Group where you can meet other women with the same goals. So you don't feel alone. 

- Drawings for Prizes when you complete reach milestones. 

- Yearly Meet Up in a vacation spot. Voted on by the group. 

- Plus a LOT more that isn't even mentioned here. You'll have to see for yourself in the private pages of group. Hope to see you there!!  

Excellent Job Krista! 53 lbs lost!

So inspiring Brittany! 30lbs lost. 


to say....

Goodbye Fat Hello Muscle

Now you just have to decide if you want to Workout At Home or at the Gym.

The At home workouts are using On Demand with Beachbody and I must be your coach. Price is $160 USD

Go here if I am your Beachbody Coach and you want to workout from home and drink Shakeology.

Gym Plan Info. 

15 week workout guide for the gym. Vol. 1 weeks 1-15

Links to videos of all exercises 

Access to the Women's Support Group on Facebook
List of things you will learn (from up above)

21 Day Meal Plan Recipe eBook Free ($35 Value) 

Weekly Check-Ins via Facebook Live 

Weekly Weigh-Ins for accountability

Supplement Information

Plus so much more included in the Private Group. 

$280  15 Weeks 

Want to join with the Easy Pay Plan? 

3 Easy Payments of $114 a month for 3 months. 

*By choosing the 3 pay option you are agreeing to be billed $114 USD every 30 days for 3 payments totaling $342 USD

I want to join but... 

*Everyone must purchase the At Home Plan or the Gym Plan to enter the challenge. This Gym Plan is open to everyone who needs my help world wide. Some people don't want to go to the gym and they already have at home workouts or meal replacement they want to use. So you would need to purchase the "Gym Plan" option. 

This is how you are able to enter the group to get my personalized help. You will still get the gym plan workout to use if you ever decide to go to the gym. A lot of the workouts in the gym plan can be done at home. If you have 
questions please leave a comment. :) 

I am so excited to see you 50lbs lighter by New Years Eve, 
rockin' that new dress!
If you can dream it, you can achieve it. 


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