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With Easy To Follow Systems That Get You Quick Results

Let's go on a journey together.. 

Over The Next Year We will: 

Set and Accomplish Goals... breaking things into mini goals so that you build confidence along the way. 

Learn About Nutrition... so you can eat your favorite foods without guilt. I teach you how I'm able to eat out at restaurants, enjoy drinks with friends and how to personalize everything to your own fitness goals. 

Feel Sexy Again... so that you can create stronger connections and build your self-esteem back up.  

Take Out The Guess Work... I have created a proven plan and system for you to follow so that you see results QUICK and then learn how to create habits around those principles to make this a lifestyle. 

Have More Energy... to play with your kids or perform better at work. 

Hey Girl, 

Are ready for change...

I was once where you are... I had gained 80lbs. with the pregnancy of my son and I felt lost and confused on how to get my body back. I would see all kinds of "diets" on the internet and they all looked good but then I would try them and there would be a missing piece or I just flat out couldn't stick to it because they were too hard or boring. I'm sure you've seen it, the diets where all you can eat is chicken, rice and broccoli... I couldn't do it and I found myself cheating EVERY TIME! 

I needed something sustainable. I wanted to be fit and in shape and wear cute clothes. I wanted to be able bend down and tie my shoes without having to prop my foot up on a chair or the bed. I wanted to have more energy and I felt desperate for change. None of my clothes fit and I knew I couldn't eat chicken, rice and protein shakes. I don't even like protein shakes.. how am I supposed to get a fit body without protein shakes? These are the thoughts that would run through my mind... 

You Can Do Anything-2.png

Here I am in the blue bikini 6 weeks after giving birth to my son. The heaviest I got was 210lbs. I know I weighed more but I stopped weighing myself when I saw 210lbs on the scale because really.. what's the use in knowing you've gained almost 100 lbs. It's such a depressing place to be. I knew I was carrying a baby inside but I also knew the girl I was and I never envisioned this for myself. I was depressed yet determined to learn all I could about nutrition so that I could lose this weight and help other women who feel hopeless or who just want to feel good in their skin again. So I gave birth to my 6lb 0oz baby boy and set out on my own self discovery journey to find what works and what didn't work in weight loss.

The photo you see on the right was after losing 92lbs. It took me 3 years to lose 92lbs. and I have condensed that time for my clients so they no longer have to guess if this is the right thing to eat or feel guilty because they did have some cake. Listen, I want you to enjoy birthday parties, I want you to enjoy dinner out with friends and family. I want you to have a life and I want you to get one badass transformation, just like I did! 

I will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and how to do the very same thing I did.. but you have to be willing to apply the have to let me help you and you have to get out of your own way!! 

Can you do that? 

Are you ready?

Okay, let's GO!!!

What's Included

You Get 1 on 1 Personalized Coaching to achieve your goals. Which is 12 Weeks of a fat loss cut and 4 Weeks of an exit strategy "Reverse Diet" so you can maintain the weight you lost while building your calories back up. 16 Weeks Total. 


PLUS 3 of my most popular Challenges For The Ultimate Transformation!



This challenge is where you will begin your journey. Whether you have 20lbs to lose or 100lbs to lose we will start here and baby step our way to your first goals. Focusing on moving your body and learning the basics of nutrition and how to create your meals for fat loss using your favorite foods. This also comes with 12 Weeks of HIIT Bodyweight Workouts that can be done at home or at the gym. You can repeat this challenge as often as you like until you reach your goal weight or you can move on to sculpting your Best Bikini Body. 



This challenge is where you will begin to shape and sculpt your bikini body. If lean legs, flat tummy and fit arms are your jam, you'll love this one. Most of the women start this challenge after they have completed the Lose 50lbs. Challenge. Or after they have lost their first 20lbs. This challenge is focused on Full Body Workouts. You will have access to 12 Weeks At Home &  12 Weeks Gym Workouts. The workouts are 2-3x a week. You get to decide if you want to add on additional workouts depending how you feel. Also don't worry, there aren't any weird exercises that you would be embarrassed to do at the gym. I hate feeling like people are looking at me at the gym so I've taken that into consideration when creating these workouts. 



Are your thighs your problem area? Do you want to build a perky booty that looks good in a bikini while lessening the appearance of cellulite? Then this is the next challenge for you. In this challenge we focus on activating the glutes "booty" and using exercises to tone the front and backs of the thighs. You will get 12 Weeks of At-Home Booty Workouts & 12 Weeks of Gym Booty Workouts. Plus tips on products I use that truly work to reduce the appearance of cellulite. These booty workouts are 3x a week and take 30-40 mins a day. 




To Recap: You Will Get...

1. - 12 Weeks  At Home Workouts Guide - Booty & Thigh Focused 

2. - 12 Weeks  Gym Workouts Guide - Booty & Thigh Focused 

3. - 12 Weeks At Home Best Bikini Body Workouts - Full Body  

4. - 12 Weeks Gym Best Bikini Body Workouts - Full Body  

5. - 12 Weeks HIIT Bodyweight Workouts you can do anywhere.  

6. - Your Personal Macros Calculated by me. Plus My Hour Long Video Explaining Macros, Carb Cycling, VIP Foods during the holidays and teaching you how to calculate your own macros so you will never again have to hire a trainer or wonder if the foods you are eating will hurt or help you. 

That's 60 Weeks Of Workouts Planned And Full Nutrition Support 

For Your Ultimate Transformation. 

Plus These Bonuses: 


7DS Cover Photo.png

7 Day Quick Shred - A 71pg. guide over nutrition with recipes that helps you to lose an average of 5-10lbs a week. 

You also get your own personal macros created and a portion control plan to go off of. So you can choose your eating style. 


HIIT Cardio Cover Photo.png

15 HIIT Cardio Routines - Volume 1 
Treadmill Routines, Stairmaster Routines, Elliptical Routines, Stationary Bike Routines and Outdoor Routines so you can switch it up and never get bored with cardio.  There are also Beginner and Advanced Routines so you choose what level to do. 


12 Week Cover.png

Workout Planner & Food Log.. this printable guide helps you to track your workouts and your food for every day of the challenge. There is also an emotional eating component built in so you can check in with yourself and find your food triggers. So you can gain a healthy relationship with food overtime. 


Private Access to our Members Only Area. In this website you will access all of the printable plans, watch food videos, check out some of my grocery hauls so you can see the exact foods I purchase and the reason why I chose that food. You will be surprised at all of the delicious food we eat during this challenge. You will also get access to ALL of the previously recorded calls from past challenges and access to ALL of the LIVE calls in the future. I host Getting Started Right Calls where you can ask any and all questions and get them answered LIVE by me personally. The video chats are recorded and put in the members site so you can watch anytime or binge watch everything at once. You get access to it all right when you join. 


 Live & Recorded Videos Bi-weekly. Most of the time if you all have questions I'll do an impromptu video explaining more in depth. We will cover topics such as Accountability, Goals, Supplements, Cellulite, Nutrition, Motivation, Emotional & Binge Eating, Eating Out At Restaurants... we look at the menus from your favorite places together and I tell you what is best to eat and how to order.  Plus anything else that gets Asked as a question on the Live Calls. You literally get to pick my brain so you get the results you want to achieve. Hours of Videos Already located in the members site. 


Videos posted WEEKLY of my personal meals. Plus new recipes updated to the members area so you always have ideas and never get bored eating the same thing. 


Access to the Private Facebook Group for a FULL YEAR to make sure you lose up to 50lbs. Build Your Best Bikini Body and Get a Booty Transformation.  If that is your goal. You will have all of the information you will need to transform your body and if something is missing then you get to ask on our LIVE Q&A calls.


Plus so many more guides, videos & topics not listed here. It all goes down in the membership site and our private group. 

If you are looking for a personalized experience this is your challenge! We can't wait to meet you! You will get lifetime access to the guides to use over and over once our challenge is over. Just download everything to your phone or computer. 

Our Love Notes

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.24.54
Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.10.53
These girls fought through the fear and did it! So Can You!! 

Billie's Experience

Patricia's Experience

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