7 Day Quick Shred

Eat Foods Like Tacos, Burgers, Steak, Potatoes and Have Nightly Wine or Your favorite Alcohol. All Included to help you Burn Fat, End Belly Bloat and Gain Energy! 

Making food the EASY part of weight loss 

How Kayla Lost 40lbs in 5 Weeks

*Results May Vary and depend on each persons own body and adherence to the plan. 

What Is The 7 Day Shred All About?


Meals In The 7 Day Quick Shred Plan


Beef & Sweet Potato Fries with BBQ Sauce & Ranch for dipping! 


Dinner Out: Restaurant BBQ Bacon Burger with Sweet Potato Fries and Glass of Wine. 


Chopped Caesar Salad w/ Chicken Cheese Quesadillas. Glass of Wine


Loaded Burgers...make this plan so easy to stick to! 

Plus Many More Recipes To Make Burning Fat EASY!! 

We Eat Carbs EVERYDAY With This Plan!

Loaded Chicken with a mix of grilled onions, jalapeños & a sweet mustard sauce. 

Instructions included for Women & Men so you can complete this with your partner.   

Limited Time Discount! 

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Done For You System 
No Guesswork 
You do not have to workout! 
33 Cardio Routines 
12 Brand New Recipes 
Guided Nutrition For Women & Men

How Kristina went from bloated and uncomfortable to Losing 30lbs. in 3 Rounds!  

*Results May Vary and depend on each persons own body and adherence to the plan. 

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