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6 Week Bikini Shred 

Hey Girl, 

We as women have so many obligations and we tend to put ourselves on the back burner then when summer comes... it's like Oh, Crap! umm I don't want to wear shorts or a tank top... much less a BIKINI. 

So I want you to take a deep breath because I've got you covered. And I don't mean like a cover up at the swimming pool, because girl.... you are gonna be HOT once we get done working on you! 

After losing 92lbs. of my own I made it my mission to help women feel good in their skin and look sexy in their clothes. 

In this 6 Week Bikini Shred you will get ALL of my tips and tricks for getting lean QUICK! 

You will have access to a special Facebook group where I will be in there answering any questions you have. 

6 Video Modules

Getting Started with the plan & review of foods and workouts 
Food Swaps and Workout Swaps
Goal Setting for the 6 weeks
Empty Stomach Cardio - Exactly What I do
Supplements - What I take and have taken in the past.

Boozy Drinks while losing weight. Yes, you can still drink alcohol with this plan. 

WEEK 2  
VIP Foods and Cheat Meals
Different ways to eat for fat loss. Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, Keto
Counting Macros - I'll give you the formula to get your own macros in place.
How to put them all together to create your own plan for the future.


Getting rid of cellulite 
How I stop eating sugar if I'm hooked on it. 

Creating Self-Love 
How to stay motivated

How to Stop Emotional Eating - this one is BIG! It's one of the main issues my clients have. I'll show you what I do to get this under control. 

Auto-Immune Issues and getting rid of inflammation in the body. 

Plus any and all other things that come up in our Facebook group.   

My own 6 Week Transformation using this plan. I had let myself enjoy to many cocktails along with eating out regularly and too much sugar. I didn't like how I looked or felt. Not because I looked bad but because I knew I wasn't even trying. I had let myself go. I couldn't sleep and I didn't have much energy. I wanted to fit into my cute clothes again so I got to work and created this plan for you to follow too. 

The Total Value of this Course is over $2,000

This is what's included

Workout Plan for the GYM 

Full Meal Plan for 6 Weeks with Carb Cycling already done for you in the plan so there is literally no guess work.  

How to do Macros Guide broken down in an easy to create plan so there is o second guessing. 

Portion sizes if you don't want to worry about counting macros.  

My Original 21 Day Cookbook with 44 Recipes, 17 Snack Ideas. The average weight loss with this plan alone is 7-19lbs lost in 21 days.

Husband and Kid approved recipes. 

Quick Start Guide - Included in the 21 Day Cookbook. So you get the quickest results possible. 

A 12 Month Planner - downloadable guide to write down goals and To-Do lists to stay organized. 

6 Week Workout Planner to keep track of your workouts and cardio. 

Weight Loss Goal Tracker - The exact guide I created to keep myself motivated while losing 92lbs. with ideas for Non-Food Rewards once you hit your goals.

6 Weeks of Motivation - a downloadable guide I created for you with 42 Inspirational Videos ( 1 to watch every day of the challenge). 

37 Music Playlists that you can follow along with the Free Spotify App so you never get bored with your workout playlist again.

Motivational playlist with over 11 hours of some of the greatest speeches to get you pumped up and in a positive mindset every day. 

Facebook Group to meet other ladies with like minded goals.

Top priority on Facebook Messenger and or Instagram DM to get your questions answered privately. 

Stay in the Facebook Group forever and restart challenge anytime or until you reach your goal weight. 

First 15 who join get a FREE Inspirational Pendant Necklace. *See pictures below* 

PLUS 6 weekly of Videos plus SO MUCH MORE.

GFHM Girls

Enrollment Is Now Closed
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