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You've Asked.... Here are My TOP 10 FAQ & Answers 

I get thousands of questions asked each week. So I've created a place for you to get answers quickly.  These answers are what I would personally do for the question asked. It doesn't mean it's the "Correct Way" because I believe there are several paths to Weight Loss Success. This is just the path the worked for me and I'm happy to share with you. 


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Let's Just start with the Obvious.... Do you have Breast Implants?  Have you ever had any other Surgeries?

Yes, I do have Breast Implants.  It's a personal choice for me. I got them for the first time in 2001.  After I lost the majority of my weight they needed replaced. So Nov. 2010 I got them replaced. They are 400cc High Profile Round.   I LOVE them.  Again... It's a personal choice. To each is own and it's a question I get asked DAILY.  I have never had any other surgeries other than the 2 Breast Implant surgeries.  



How long did your Transformation take?


From Start to Finish, 18 Months. I started my Journey at 210lbs. that was June 2009 when the first  "Before" picture was taken. I'd say my Transformation was complete as far as the weight loss in Nov. 2010 when I weighed 128lbs. That's when I knew I had lost ALL of the weight plus a few more. I am still on my Journey to get better each and everyday. But for the Transformation, it took 18 months to lose 82lbs. After losing 82lbs. I wanted to take it further and spent the next 18 months toning up and lost another 10lbs. Weighing in at 118lbs. I am 5'7"  Started out at 40% Body Fat and went to 15% Body Fat.


What did you eat to lose all that weight? 

I followed the Eat Clean Diet about 80% of the time. I also followed the P90X Nutrition Plan and used recipes from there. To lose that much weight I knew I'd need some Cheat Meals so I wouldn't go crazy.  I had Cheat Meals about 2 times a week. Once I got down closer to my goal weight I cut out the Cheat Meals because I wanted to reach it faster.  But for those of you who are just getting started on your Journey and have more than 20lbs. to lose have 1-2 Cheat Meals a week. It will keep you on track the rest of the week knowing you have something to look forward to.  I have created Meal Plans to help you on your Weight Loss Journey.  You can check them out at the MEAL PLANS Tab up above. 



What is considered a Cheat Meal?


To me a Cheat Meal is any meal  you've been craving PLUS Dessert.  You gotta make it worth eating, right? So for example:  I'd always go out to one of my Favorite Restaurants and get an Entree and Dessert. Usually I'd drink Water but sometimes I'd get a Soda.  I know they are bad for you but I still love them.  It needs to be a Restaurant instead of just Fast Food for a Cheat Meal because eating is such an event for those of us trying to lose weight.  We think about Food All the Time.  Or I did and still do. lol. So make it worth it.  Dress Up, Go Out and Enjoy Yourself!!!! 

How often do you workout? 


When I started my Transformation in 2009. It was hard to even walk on a Treadmill and I could only get through half of the P90X WARMUP. So I rode a stationary bike I had at home for 25-30 mins. in the Morning and 25-30 minutes at Night. As I got my endurance built up I completed P90X and also would do extra cardio on my Treadmill. I currently lift weights 4-5 times a week and do cardio 5 times a week. If you are lifting weights you want to Always do cardio AFTER weights.  I also do Morning Cardio on an Empty Stomach. I call it ESC. You'll see me talking about ESC on my Social Media sites. I'll do this for 45-60 minutes about 3-4 times a week now. 


Do you take Supplements or a Pre-Workout? 


I'm not a big Supplement person.  I do take a Multi-Vitamin. I also take Shakeology for either Breakfast or Lunch. It has a Day's worth of Fruits and Vegetables plus Pre and Probiotics and a bunch of other Supplements. It takes the guess work out for me.  Plus I hate taking pills so I'd rather drink ShakeO.  I do take a Pre-Workout.  I've taken SEVERAL over the last 4 years.  The one that's given me the MOST energy is E&E or Energy & Endurance by Beachbody. There is no crash or jitters.  So it's what I use.  And thats all I take each day. I eat very well.  Lean Proteins, Starchy Carbs, Veggies and Fruit.  Your food will help SOOO much to shed unwanted Fat. 


How many Calories do you eat everyday? 


I don't count calories.  I found it to be way to time consuming. I'm such an all or nothing type of person that Counting Calories for me meant counting a stick of gum.  I drove myself crazy counting plus then I'd be starving by the end of the day because as we all know.... An Oreo has about 50+ calories so that fit into my "Meal Plan"  and I'd be lacking in the Protein dept. because I didn't have enough calories to eat dinner that night.  Of course I could have made better food choices but that's why Counting Calories didn't work for me.  So I use protion control. Something I go into great detail about in my Meal Plans.  I'll teach you how I use portion control to get the body you want.  My Meal Plans can be found up above in the Meal Plans Tab on this page. 


Do you have Stretch Marks and Loose Skin??  


Yes, I do have Stretch Marks. I was very fortunate to get them only on my Thighs. I used the Cocoa Butter Lotion all through my pregnancy.  And even after I had my son I still put that stuff on everyday for a while.  Stretch Marks just depend on each person and how your skin stretches with weight gain.  There are some products that claim to lighten or take away stretch marks. I used one called Trilastin. I still have Stretch Marks in those areas but maybe they are lighter from me using the product.  I have no idea.  

Loose Skin.... I get asked ALL the time. Since you lost all that weight, why don't you have loose skin?  Honestly I have no idea.  The only thing I can think is my weight loss was over a longer period of time. My skin had time to shrink up. It also depends on the elasticity of your skin.  Each person is different but I haven't had an issue with loose skin.  My skin feels softer and when I bend over there is more there than what used to be but it doesn't show when I stand up. 



How do you stay MOTIVATED?


I stay motivated by constantly thinking of my Goals.  It's very important to have New Goals you are always reaching for.  For the longest time I thought " If I could just lose 5, 10, 15 lbs. I'd be happy" but really you'll get to that weight and think... "this isn't all that it's cracked up to be"  Since the Scale can change daily, hourly. You have to find different ways to keep yourself motivated.  Find people on different Social Media sites to follow. Check out YouTube Videos and follow like minded people there. Keep your BIG Goals in the back of your mind. Start small with Baby Goals and NSV " Non Scale Victories" that will keep you motivated by reaching them.  An NSV could be drinking water all day instead of reaching for Juice or Soda. Another NSV could be Cooking Dinner at home the whole week. Things like that give you motivation to keep going. They let you know you can do this. NSV's are VERY Important. Reward yourself with Non-Food Items like a Manicure or Pedicure, New Book, New Magazine, New Shirt, New Jeans... those seem to be the best thing ever... Fitting into a smaller Jean size is like reaching a huge milestone in your weight loss efforts. So just take a few minutes and really think about what YOU want.  Then create little small Goals that will help you reach your BIG goal of what you really want. 

Are you Certified and How do I get Coached by You? 


I am a Certifited Health Coach and Nutritionist through the Institue for Integrative Nutrition. I am also a Beachbody Coach. I have built a Career 100% Online and work from home.  I teach Women and Men in USA and Canada to do the same with Beachbody. We start with a Challenge Group. I help you get your own Transformation and then you help others with the tools you've learned.  To get Coached by me you would Join as either a Customer in a Challenge Group or a Coach in a Challenge Group. This lets me know you are serious and ready to put in the work to get your Transformation.  I get notified of your purchase and will contact you within 48 hours letting you know the next Challenge Group date.  


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*Those joining will receive an email from me wihin 48 hours. In this email you'll recieve your next steps plus info on the Next Challenge Group Dates. 








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