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Working out at home is fun and convenient. It's also challenging but the cool thing is Team Beachbody has got it GOIN' ON in the At Home Workout department. That's actually how I got started in my own weight loss journey. Those of you who hate to read... just bare with me here. I need you to read this so you know where I'm coming from. My hope is that you see yourself just a little bit in this story and end up having HOPE again. Hope that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

It's 2009, I was sitting at home, watching late night TV with my huge pregnant belly because I couldn't sleep.  Earlier that night I had just eaten half a bag of those mini Butterfinger candy bars while watching the Biggest Loser.  I felt motivated and guilty at the same time. I was watching these poor people workout so hard and eat lettuce with ground turkey. Thinking "OMG I don't think I could do that." And here I am eating butterfingers... many butterfingers and loving every bite! haha. 


So that night while watching TV at 2am I saw the infomercial for P90X. There was a woman on there in a pink bikini.. I can still remember her to this day!!   She was talking about staying at home with her kids and how this at home workout really helped her to lose the weight. All I could focus on was the PINK BIKINI. I was so far from a pink bikini it wasn't even funny. Hell, my once granny panties didn't even fit anymore. But I was happy, pregnant and fat. I didn't care. But I knew one day I would care and I would need to fit back in my pre pregnancy clothes.


Another goal.... I always wanted to be able to take my son to the swimming pool and feel comfortable in my own skin. So I ordered the P90X that night. Little did I know... that decision would be a LIFE CHANGING decision that would change not only my life but the thousands of other women who I would get to inspire. All because I believed in myself, trusted the process and put in the work to make it happen and Jesus!


Girl, I had to pray my way through. It was tough and I fought like hell. But I made it out. I used to pray to God "please help me lose this weight so I can help other women figure it out too." And look what He did. He put me in front of all of YOU. So God gets the glory for this and I work for Him and for the promise we made together, back in the day when I was desperate and crying tears of frustration. 

That is why I'm here for you! To give you all the shortcuts I never had. The support of a huge group of women who all want to achieve great things and support each other at the same time. 

I don't believe that 1 workout program fits everyone so I've listed a couple of my favorites for you. Below you'll see pictures of different programs. Each program comes with 1 Month Supply of Shakeology.

30 Servings. 

Let me just be real with you... Not everyone is a shake person. Some people hate protein shakes. I know I did when I first got started. Listen, I tried my first protein shake when I was about 180lbs. determined to get this weight off and after that 3rd sip of trying to gag it down... I decided I was just going to be fat forever. It wasn't worth it to have my stomach all up in knots because it tasted so bad. So when I joined on as a Coach in 2012... the first thing I did was try Shakeology and if I couldn't drink it I wasn't going to tell other people to drink it either. 

Well turns out it was the only protein shake at that time that I could drink without wanting to give up or throw up. It didn't have that bad after taste. Some of you know what I'm talking about. That protein after taste is nasty!! And the cool thing is... Shakeology isn't just a protein shake. It's a total meal replacement... which means it has a days worth of fruits and veggies plus pre and probiotics. It's 100% natural whole foods from the earth. Sweetened with Stevia.


So many of the ingredients in there help people with many different things. Although the FDA regulates what companies can say about a product "healing people" so I can't say any of that but what I can say is... Just try it for yourself. It comes in your kit anyways. AND there is a 30 day money back guarantee on your whole kit. If you drink it all and send back an empty bag... you'll still get your money back. 

But the best part is... you'll notice your skin starts to get clearer. Your hair and nails start to grow like crazy and you don't have cravings for junk food or sweets like you once did.


I love the stuff and thats why I've spent so much time talking about it. I'm a holistic nutritionist and it passes all the tests. But don't take my word for it you can do your own research. I WANT you to do your own research. From here on out. So I'll post a picture of the ingredients label and I want you to go through and GOOGLE some or all of the ingredients. See what they are used for and see if you want to put that in your body. You should be doing this with all of those "shakes" you see people selling anyways. 

I'm here to be your teacher. My hope is for you to see how strong you are and how much you really can overcome once you push yourself with these workouts there is no stopping you. Sky is the limit. 

I am SO EXCITED to help you get started on this new journey in  your life. These next few weeks will be life changing for you. 

Choosing your Kit

Past Challengers have had the BEST SUCCESS with the Beachbody On Demand Kit. It's like netflix for workouts. All online so you can take your workout anywhere or just have a ton of different workouts to do at home. Just know, you are free to choose ANY of the Challenge Packs from the Team Beachbody Website if you don't see the one you want listed here. But to make it easy I only offer this kit here on the site because it's the very best value. I often get bored with certain programs and end up not finishing them. With this you don't have that feeling because I will give you a specific list of different workouts to do each day. You don't have to worry what to do. It's best if you have a set of light and heavy dumbbells. I bought mine at Walmart and Target. I have 5lbs. 8lbs. 12lbs. 15lbs. 20lbs. 25lbs.   You do NOT need to have all of these. This is just what I've acquired over time. I would get 2 pairs though. 5 lbs. and 15 lbs. and see how you do. If you wanted a resistance band you can get that on the site when you order your kit or you can get one from Walmart or Target.. whatever is easier. Again, I'd suggest getting an Easy and Medium level band to start with. 

With the Beachbody On Demand Kit you will get all this listed plus more. 

1 Year of On Demand Workouts 

1 Bag of Shakeology (lasts 30 days) flavor of choice. My favorite is Cafe Latte. 

21 Day Fix Containers for portion control. 

Every single meal plan ever created by Beachbody

Every single workout ever created by Beachbody and anything else created within the next 12 months. 

Access to the Women's Support Group 

Weekly Check-Ins for accountability.

Facebook LIVE Video Chats 

Wednesday Weigh-Ins

Kenna's 21 Day Meal Plan with 44 Recipes and 17 snack ideas. ($35 value)

Workout Schedules for each program listed below

Daily Workout Schedule created just for this challenge using the programs listed below. 

Supplements List

Organization Tips

Time Management Tips

Price is $160 USD or $186 CAD - ON SALE during APRIL & MAY


Regularly $199 usd or $231 cad

You get access to ALL of these programs shown below for 1 price!!!! 

There is one other thing and it's an IMPORTANT STEP in getting access to the 8 Week Challenge. I have to be listed as your Beachbody Coach when you order your kit. This way Beachbody knows I'm going to be the one walking you through the program and providing support so they know who to give the commission to. 

If you already have a Beachbody Coach who you have built a relationship with... then PLEASE go ask them if they have a challenge group starting soon and join that group.  It's not fair for the coaches who are working hard and motiving other people. 

If you have a Beachbody Coach and you haven't heard from them or maybe you were assigned a coach automatically when you purchased a different program or if you have a Coach and they aren't meeting your needs. You are free to do a Coach Switch. 

The whole deal is... I have to see your name show up before I will give you access to the Facebook Group and passwords to this site for the 8 weeks. So if you need to do a Coach Switch you can. It takes about 1-3 days to show up. So just email me and I'll save a spot for you. Then you can order once the switch has gone through.


Info you will need: 

Kenna Shell

Coach ID 1056377 

Choose YES to transfer your order. 

Once you've ordered it could take up to 3 days for your order to show up. If it's been longer than 3 days please let me know. Once I see your order has been placed I will add you to our group and give you the password for "PrepWeek" which is your first Assignment! YAY!!

After you join... make sure to email me with the Start Date you want so I know to add you before it fills up. 


Also you can earn up to $100,000 with a Beachbody transformation. I won $6,000 cash for my transformation plus a free trip to LA. There is also a $500 daily prize given. I'll show you how to enter these contests. You earn free t-shirts when you submit your results too. So you actually get paid to workout! 


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