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To the body of your dreams

You may be thinking... Umm I'm far from the body of my dreams!! 

So, that's why I'm here. To help you start dreaming again. I was once 210lbs after gaining 80 lbs while pregnant with my son. I know when you get on a plan and start taking care of yourself you'll see results too. I have taught THOUSANDS of Women how get started and achieve their weight loss goals.


Now my transformation pictures get used for all kinds of false ads. So if you've seen this picture advertising ANYTHING other than clean eating and working out then it's a false advertisement for some product I've never even used. 

You'll have to decide what it is you want. Write it down, work on it each day remembering why you started. Ignoring naysayers and ultimately fighting for what you want. No matter what happens, you are in control of your happiness and you can do anything you set your mind to.  I hope the pictures and information on this site help you on your fitness journey.   

                                                ~ Kenna Shell

Extra Motivation

Learn what to eat, workouts to do, get access to motivation that keeps you going. 

Get started on sculpting a body you've dreamed of. 

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