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I wanted to create a space for you to read about what was going on behind the photo and what my life was like at that time these photos were taken. 

Fitness journeys seem so quick once you have the after pictures. But what about the in between time? The time that is SO HARD to get through. That's what I wanted to talk to you all about. 

In 2009 when I found myself at 210lbs. I had just had a baby. I gained 80lbs. with this pregnancy and my body didn't feel like my own. I had always been around 140-130lbs. So this was a brand new challenge. I knew I was going to do whatever it took to lose the weight I had gained and once I figured out how to do that I was going to teach other women how to do the same.

My mission is to give women hope in their fitness journey while teaching them the exact principles that worked for me to lose 92lbs. and keep it off for almost 10 years now. 


I like this as the first pic to show you because it shows the full transformation in the same bikini. Only 3 years later. I had to hold the newspaper because I had entered a competition to prove the date the after photo was taken. The competition I entered was a Team Beachbody Competition and ended up winning $6,000 usd. for my transformation.

I ultimately became a coach with them and have earned well over half a million dollars with that company I am still with today helping women complete those workouts. As well as creating my own courses for women who would rather go to the gym to workout and who want to follow my approach for nutrition. So not a bad chunk of change for getting fit. 

I became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach in 2013 and went on to get my Life Coaching Certification in 2018. Through all the online fitness challenges I've hosted over the years there was something more that the women needed from me as their coach. That's the reason I wanted to get the certification to be a Life Coach. 

I know that if I can come back from the place I was physically and mentally in 2009 then I have to light the way for other women to do the same. 

I have overcome many struggles with my physical body, my mental state and my personal life. I hope the stories I tell you with these pictures will help you through struggles in your life. Just know, you are not alone! Everyone has shit they have to deal with and you can make it through. Just keep going!! 

If I can help just one girl fight for her dreams, then it's all been worth it for me. 

This was 1 week after I had my son. I was so tired on this day but I felt really pretty. I knew I had a long road a head of me to get my weight off but I didn't care how long it took I was going to do it. I was happy. I was hopeful and things were going great. 

Here is another photo from the photo shoot. I took this because I walked by the mirror and thought... Who is that?! 

I couldn't believe it. I finally did it. I transformed myself like I always knew I could. 

This is the day of my first photo shoot in 2013. A little over 4 years after the picture on the left was taken. I flew to Chicago and worked with my first professional photographer. He's shot all the girls who get their pictures on magazine covers and I felt like I had reached the top. I felt amazing and accomplished. 

Behind the pretty photo I was falling apart. Little did everyone know that I had just moved my son and myself in with my Mom & Step-Dad because I was getting a divorce. I had found out my husband was cheating. Again! I actually found out he was cheating the first time in 2010 but I hung in there because that's what a "good wife" does right? She work's through things! Oh my gosh.. eye roll now. I was naive and I was heartbroken. But I picked myself up and fought through the bullshit. I overcame! 

As I write this.. we are on good terms. He's remarried to a great girl and he's a good father to my son so that's all I can ask for. But I feel it's important to still tell my story because everything on the outside looks like rainbows and unicorns. People go through shit storms and they make it out better and stronger than they ever thought possible. That is my hope for you and why I share my full story.  

This is my very first Before and After picture. The before picture was taken in my bathroom at home and exactly 6 weeks to the day after I had my son because I was told thats when I could start working out and I was so ready to get started. 

 I told my mom... okay, mom it's time to take my before picture. I'm going to lose this weight. I remember standing there getting my picture taken and I knew that was going to be the last day I ever looked like this. 

I took time to put my make up on and fix my hair. I felt hopeful that day. It felt like a new beginning. 

This after picture was taken while Tyler (my son) and I were traveling with my then husband. He played AAA baseball with Gwinnett, GA. Which is an affiliate for the Atlanta, Braves organization. We lived out of extended stay hotels and random apartments. The whole baseball life is a story for another time. It was a fun time and it was a very trying time. But it's life, you adapt and overcome. When we got to this hotel I thought.. wow that's a pretty mirror and I thought I looked leaner. You know how some mirrors are just made to make you look better. That's what I thought this was. lol. So I raised my shirt up and snapped a picture before anyone saw me because I was embarrassed that I looked GOOD and I felt good too. I didn't want to seem like I was all into myself. Later I would come to realize that if I'm not fighting for myself then who will? It's my job to fight for myself and my mental state so that I'm in a good place and can be my best.

Ladies, I just want to take a moment to let you know... It's okay and a good thing to be feeling yourself and liking how you look. So many times we are told to not be too much or don't think so highly of yourself because you're not "all that". Well I'm here to tell you... you ARE all that and to be a good mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt... you have to take care of yourself and that means mentally being in a good place as well as physically in a good place. So that you can enjoy life and live a healthier life. 

For me music has always been a motivating factor. During the time this picture was taken I kept this song on repeat. Listen to it and see if it resonates or motivates you in some way like it did me. It's Angels On The Moon by Thriving Ivory. 

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