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21 - Day Meal Plan 

I get asked everyday.... 


What is your diet like?

Do you eat Carbs?

Do you eat Dessert?

How many times a day should I eat?

How much should I eat?

What can I eat?

What should I avoid?

What are some good recipes to keep me on track for weight loss?


If you have ever wondered any of these questions yourself.  Then it would be beneficial for you to check out my 21-Day Meal Plan.


 I have put together all of the principals I used over the course of my 92lb. Weight Loss into a 49 Page E-Book. There are 44 Recipes, 17 Snack Ideas, plus I'll show you How I lose weight without Counting Calories.  I'll say this again... I DO NOT COUNT CALORIES.  I've tried it, and I got way to obsessed with it.  I'd do great but then end up quitting.  So say goodbye to counting calories with this  21-Day Meal Plan.  It will make things SO much easier for you. Plus YOU will feel in control over your eating, making you stay on track and have less chance of "falling off the wagon"  because this really is a LIFESTYLE and I'm excited to show you how to have the same success I've had. 


I've also included my Treadmill Cardio Routine that can be used at home or any Gym. 

* Meal Plan and Motivational Group are open to Men and Women WORLDWIDE. 














*Group is Women Only 
sorry guys. 

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Recipes Included In 21-Day Meal Plan

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