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What others are saying from a previous Challenge: 
* Down 3.7lbs!!! I ate a couple cookies last night and felt so gross this morning! Just comes to show how great clean eating makes you feel!
~ Sterling C. 
* OMG!!! this taco salad is sooooo tasty! I did a happy dance while eating it, it was a Fiesta in my mouth.
~ Jackie F. 
* Down 5lbs this morning!!! I know the challenge is over, but I'm still going! This morning is egg whites, ground turkey, spinach, southwest sour cream & a corn tortilla. Delish!
~ Autumn J. 
* I lost 6lbs!!! Wow. I must admit on the third day I was very discouraged. I'm not used to portion control but now I know that I can actually do it I will definitely be continuing it.
~ Lauren P. 
* I've really enjoyed the clean eating and plan on sticking with it. We're camping for the long weekend and my husband asked if I got clean eating food. My answer was yes, of course. He said good, he can fit into Levis that been to small for him. Plus he's doing p90x3 with me. Thanks for posting everyone.
~ Shelly G.
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