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Cut The Sugar

Hey Girl,

Here is your FAT LOSS TIP 

I challenged the ladies with a group wide goal of losing 2lbs a week and they did that plus more. 


I challenge you to do the same and check back with me 1 week from today... Wednesday Sept 26th. and let me know how much you lost. 

I really do want you to message me back and let me 
know how you did. 


The challenge is to limit your sugar intake to 25g per day INCLUDING fruit up until after you weigh in Wednesday morning. 

After your weigh in you can continue to follow this challenge or you can up your sugar intake to 40g per day Including fruit and continue on with the shred plan. 


This is how I limit my sugar to 25g. day EASY! 

I use My Fitness Pal App to track my macros. If you don’t want to track all your macros like carbs, fats, proteins just track the sugar grams each day. 

You can do this by entering only the foods you eat that have sugar listed as an ingredient or that have sugar grams on the label.

Protein has no sugar.

Refined Carbs usually have sugar. Those are usually breads, cakes, cookies etc.

Fats usually don’t have any sugar.

Sauces usually have sugar so make sure to count those.

Ways I get by with only 25g of Sugar a day:

I use stevia in the raw and add it to anything to make it sweeter. This is 0 sugar grams. I love to have green tea with stevia  in the afternoon because this helps cut sugar cravings and the green tea burns fat.

I also love to keep this recipe made on hand so I can grab 2-3 anytime I’m having a sweet craving.

Chocolate PB Candies:

2 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter (I like skippy natural)
1 Tbsp Real Butter
1/2 tsp Cocoa Powder
1/2 packet Stevia In The Raw

Microwave the Peanut Butter and Butter for 20 seconds.

Stir until well combined and add in the cocoa and stevia.

Put in the freezer for 20 minutes or until its semi soft and set up but not firm.

Then spoon soft mixture into a baggie, cut the tip off the baggie and squeeze out 8-9 chocolate candy pieces.

* If you don’t want to use the baggie technique you can just spoon out 8-9 dollops of the chocolate mixture.

Once you have 8-9 pieces place them back in the freezer to get hard. About 30 minutes.

Once they are hardened place them all in a baggie and keep in the freezer.

Eat 2-3 anytime you have a sugar craving. There is no limit to this it just depends how hooked on sugar you are. Eventually you won’t want to eat any of the candies because you aren’t craving sugar. So don’t deny yourself the candies even if you’re eating 9-12 a day.

The first 3 days of cutting sugar is the hardest. Drink 60-90oz of water. You can add your tea as part of your water intake for the day.

I can’t wait to see what your weigh in is on Wednesday!! Make sure you send me a message so I can congratulate you on all your hard work! 

You’ve got this! 

**All Cut The Sugar Challenge info for this week will be posted in the Kenna Shell Fitness group on Facebook. 

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